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Public policy blog
Public policy blog
  • Today, we are publishing our latest Twitter Transparency Report with updated data covering the latter half of 2016. This is also our tenth report, a milestone that seemed a long way off when we announced our first report back in July 2012. A lot has changed over the past five years, both at Twitter and around the world. Read More
  • Back in 2011, we were a group of college students who were angry with the level of self-censorship that existed within the mainstream Turkish media. Twitter felt like the natural home for our journalistic initiatives and at the time was becoming increasingly popular in Turkey. We were impressed by the thoroughness of communication and possibility for meaningful interaction. I remember we would ask ourselves, “I’m sending a Tweet to a minister and he’s going to see it?”.… Read More
  • Si bien la semana pasada celebramos el ‘Día de Internet Seguro’ (Safer Internet Day), en Twitter trabajamos todo el año con la sociedad civil para que todos los días sean seguros en la red. Hoy nos enorgullece presentar el resultado del esfuerzo que venimos haciendo en América Latina Hispanohablante.… Read More

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