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Public policy blog
Public policy blog
  • Si bien la semana pasada celebramos el ‘Día de Internet Seguro’ (Safer Internet Day), en Twitter trabajamos todo el año con la sociedad civil para que todos los días sean seguros en la red. Hoy nos enorgullece presentar el resultado del esfuerzo que venimos haciendo en América Latina Hispanohablante.… Read More
  • A commitment to protecting the privacy of account holders is built into the DNA of Twitter. As such, this Data Privacy Day (@DataPrivacyDay ), which falls on January 28 each year, we backed the overall mission to raise awareness of privacy issues and data protection best practices. This message reaches a broad variety of actors in society - individuals, families and corporations - as all of them have an interest in protecting their data and privacy.… Read More
  • Today, we’re able to speak openly about two national security requests for the first time, specifically two national security letters (NSLs). These NSLs were accompanied by gag orders when they were served (one in 2015 , one in 2016 ), preventing us from notifying the impacted account holders or publicly disclosing their existence.… Read More

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