Removal requests

January 1 – June 30, 2012
CountryRemoval requests - Court OrdersRemoval requests - Government agency, police, otherPercentage where some content removedAccounts specified
France 0 1 0% < 10
Greece 2 0 0% < 10
Pakistan 0 1 0% < 10
Turkey 1 0 0% < 10
United Kingdom 0 1 0% < 10
TOTAL 3 3 0% 18
NOTE: The data in these reports is as accurate as possible, but may not be 100% comprehensive.

Withheld content

This data includes formal government requests we’ve received to remove or withhold content on Twitter. Governments generally make removal requests for content that may be illegal in their respective jurisdictions. For example, a government agency may obtain a court order requiring the removal of defamatory statements or law enforcement may request us to remove prohibited content.


  • The data does not include reports of Rules violations submitted through our Help Center, informal requests submitted via email, or copyright-related requests.
  • Each request may identify multiple items to be removed. For example, a single request may ask us to remove individual Tweets or an entire user account.
  • ‘Accounts specified’ includes the number of accounts identified in the government requests we’ve received.
  • To minimize potential risk to our users, we’re not including specific numbers where fewer than 10 ‘Accounts specified’ are affected; instead you’ll see ‘< 10’ in the relevant cells.
  • We may not comply with every request for a variety of reasons. For example, we do not comply with requests that fail to identify content on Twitter.